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Elevating Compassion: The WB We Care Trust Initiative

Established in 2009, the WB We Care Trust embodies our commitment to nurturing and supporting the most vulnerable members of our community. Dedicated to aiding bona fide organizations that provide vital assistance to orphans and those impacted by HIV/AIDS, the Trust is a beacon of hope and support.

Community groups located near WB stores are encouraged to reach out and apply for assistance. Jesko Woermann, the CEO of Woermann Brock, emphasizes the importance of collective efforts to improve the challenging conditions faced by many Namibians daily.

Beneficiaries receive a WB We Care card, replenished monthly, to purchase essentials from their nearest WB store.

Our commitment extends beyond financial aid; we engage in regular oversight visits to ensure the assistance provided is making a real difference.

Application Process:

Obtain your application via our link and, upon completion, submit it to

Together, let's build stronger communities and brighter futures.

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